"God With Us"

Just a bunch of ordinary people telling an awesome story.

The "God With Us" Mission

                       How We Started

    God has created this opportunity for us to reach lost people for Him.  The New Galilee Church of the Nazarene has opened its doors by supporting the passion play using music and story to reach many souls.  Whether it be a gift of singing or running the sound and lights everyone has something to contribute.  With love and true compassion our mission is to reach as many people as we possibly can.  Lost People matter to God!!!  Anyone can join us.  We need workers, singers and prayers...especially prayers!!

    The New Galilee Church of the Nazarene started in 1906. With this strong foundation and heritage, we are always searching for unique ways of sharing the Gospel message.  With the vision and dreams of many people the passion play "God With Us" was created.  We use our church attendees and members of all ages for this ministry.  The ages of the cast range from a few months old to over 65 years old. Previously some of us were involved in another passion play and it had come to an end, so with God's help, we started "God With Us".  We wanted to touch people for God through drama.  By studying a roller coaster during a "Kennywood" trip with the church the idea of one of the healing scenes was created.  And this ministry does resemble a roller coaster!!!  Emotions ride high with laughter, tears and love.                    

    The first year "God With Us" was presented 4 times.  We are now entering our 11th year with 13 performances.  We are extremely blessed to be able to present this ministry to so many people.  "God With Us" tickets are free...yes, it is FREE!!!



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